artist statement:

As an impressionistic abstract artist who works within the guidelines of fine design, I strive to create artistic magic. When it all comes together, abstraction is combined with impressionistic images and the painting takes on a unique and wonderful life of its own.

Above and beyond the structured design and mechanical planning, one must understand that when the brush touches the canvas energy is transmitted onto the surface and the artist becomes a conduit from the unseen to the seen. Words, sights or sounds initiate the inspirational journey of a painting. Embedded beneath the layers of paint the energy of the inspiration awaits for the viewer to make a connection. At that point when the energy from the painting is received by the viewer, the painting is finished and the work of the artist is complete. The painting has not only been seen but felt.

artistic development:

Sue Bishop grew up on an isolated ranch East of Dallas and tagged along with her father as he worked, fostering her love of animals and the beauty of outdoors. Her mother was an artist and guided Sue through the discovery of creating art at an early age. Many hours were spent experimenting with the possibilities of what paint, paper and brushes could produce. Thus began the journey for artistic development that continues to this day.

Sue pursued formal art training at East Texas State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Education and Art. After graduation Sue taught creativity to children with great success for many years in the public school system. Additionally she taught private art classes to adults and children. Sue never stopped learning and has studied with many nationally known artists and continues to seek opportunities to further develop her artistic talents.

Over the years Sue has participated in many gallery, group and juried shows. Numerous awards have been received including signature membership to the Texas Watercolor Society and an award of excellence in the Manhattan Arts International Competition. A one person museum show has also been added to her credits. Sue now paints and continues her studies in her new studio in Georgetown with her work on display in several galleries.